We learn from an early age that Stress is a catch-all word for most things unwanted in life. Whether we are faced with Too many choices or No choice at all, with Too much work or Not enough, with People who need us all the time or No one around - we refer to it as Stress. We also think of stress as something that gets in the way of us performing well under pressure, distracting us with sweaty palms and a pounding heart, as we are fighting to stay focused.

But what if you were given information that made you start thinking of Stress as your Ally? Started thinking of these physical symptoms as your body stepping it up so you can perform better? What if you could lose the fear and anxiety we have been taught to automatically connect to these sensations? An incredibly powerful shift.

In this new workshop, Stress Less About Stress, we introduce new ways of thinking about stress that can fundamentally re-define how stressful situations are perceived and experienced.  By cultivating a more resilient Stress Mindset, we can prevent the burn-out that eventually sets in with overwhelm.


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