“A mastery of asking intuitive questions”

I was stuck in a cycle of making long term plans and then not acting on them. With a mastery of asking intuitive questions, Gabriella helped me break down my thought process to the point of understanding what was holding me back.

— Kyle D. Seattle.

“She really does Bring Clarity!”

I’ve worked with a few coaches over the years, and, for me, Gabriella has been the most helpful. She is thoughtful in her approach, she’s an excellent listener. She acknowledges my strengths in a way that feels authentic. And she has really helped me to organize my thoughts (and goals!) in order for me to move forward in my life, And Gabriella’s sense of humor and positive outlook has made working with her such a pleasure! ... I highly recommend Gabriella. She really does Bring Clarity!

— Julie De Luca, New York, NY


So Helpful! Life feels different now, moving in a good direction. I am seeing things through new eyes. So grateful. Thank You, Gabriella!

— Lisa Sanchez, Malibu, CA


“She encouraged me with deep enthusiasm”

Gabriella is truly a positive presence. She encouraged me with deep enthusiasm and a bold sense of humor. She is transformative in the way she consistently shows how one can instantaneously do away with the negative in favor of the positive while honoring the truth of feeling in the moment. She is innately smart, and has a breadth of life experience in the world, relationships, the arts, and work that together support a deep wisdom that she is talented at sharing with excitement.

— Sunny Anderson, Santa Monica, CA

“She intuitively knows what is going on”

Gabriella has helped me so much. She really listens and is able to intuitively know what is going on with me, and helps me to see what I need to do next to push through what is holding me back. She is very wise and just knows what life lesson you are struggling with and supports you in fixing it.

— Jackie Poper, Washington DC