About Bring Clarity 


Gabriella Bring has had a life long passion for tapping into the full potential of well being. She is a Stress Educator & Developmental Counselor and works with her clients to redefine their relationship to stress. Her holistic approach recognizes that there is no blanket method that fits everyone, and she incorporates many diverse tools such as HSP support, Mindfulness and NLP. Gabriella puts great emphasis on honoring the power of mind-body awareness, and she recognizes the importance of aiding in the unleashing of creativity.

Gabriella Is trained in Positive Psychology at Chapel Hill and Happiness at Work at Berkley. She is a Certified Coach as well as a provider of Therapeutic Bodywork, for which she trained in her native Sweden. Her background also includes two decades of working in the hospitality industry while studying metaphysics, including the Law of Attraction.  She wholly believes in the stress relieving benefits that come from self care. Gabriella's own self care system includes yoga, hiking, biking, sailing, horseback riding and skiing, and she finds great joy in singing, painting, learning and traveling.