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Stress less about stress.

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Enjoy our useful, memorable and amusing workshop "Stress less about stress"

Stress got the best of you? Do you spend time and energy avoiding situations that might become stressful? No need to lose your mind. Our workshop teaches you how to cultivate a resilient stress mindset and make stress your friend and ally. 

This interactive workshop is a toolbox full of knowledge, surprises and laughs and the new skill-set it brings can not be overestimated.


Let our Get good at stress-lecture be your solution

It's common knowledge that stress is the source of physical as well as mental fatigue and general Please-let-this-day-end-itis.

Could it be possible to turn things around and use this thorn in our side to actually serve us? We say "Absolutely!"

That's right.  Since science tells us that it's not the stress itself that has the most negative impact on us, but rather the fear of stress, Bring Clarity invites you to take the next step;

Our Get good at stress-lecture brings you solutions by inviting you to explore ways of relating to Stress that will have you think of stress as a friend, not a foe.


One on One Support

"Being stressed out feels amazing. I love feeling overwhelmed!"

Said no one. Ever. 

Yet it seems to be our natural state of mind these days and we are so used to this that we  barely even question it any more. 

Want to reclaim your well being? Then reach out to us. Make use of our 1-on-1 support program to discover new choices that form your new empowering patterns.


Learn more about stress
– and how to de-stress


One minute stress-reducing films

This section is under construction. Stay tuned!"

are you aN hsp? find out!

Did you know that 1 in 5 people is a Highly Sensitive Person? Take this test and find out if you are one of them. Understanding your sensitive personality can help you transform it into a true asset and allow you to thrive in the midst of overwhelm."

enjoy the de-stress box

Wondering where to find the best stress reducing gift? That unique mindful gift to erase anxiety? At Bella's Boxes they have a perfect portal to tranquility for your stressed-out friends: the Big De-Stress Gift-Box soothes Body, Mind & Spirit


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