Learning how to let stress become your friend & ally

As you enter the one-on-one work, I'll be right  there as you create new boundaries for your self, finding different choices and exploring habits and thought-patterns through a variation of tools.

Working with you through exploration, strategizing and follow through, I support you via phone sessions and follow up emails in between.

The change in your well being can be immediate as you mold your new, natural way of being. Unshakeable. Feeling centered and clear.


ok, So this is how it works

Contact me to schedule a complimentary Exploration Call. Think of it as the most fun 1st date you've ever been on, letting us compare expectations and see if we are a beautiful fit.

The next step is a Discovery Session. All sessions are one hour long, except this one which is 1.5 hour, to make sure we take ample time to build a fertile growing ground.

Next, the schedule is as follows: Every two weeks, we talk for an hour over the phone (or Skype, FaceTime - whichever provides us with the best sound/connection) at an agreed-upon time. In between sessions, you are welcome to reach out with questions and thoughts via email. 


I was stuck in a cycle of making long term plans and then not acting on them. With a mastery of asking intuitive questions, Gabriella helped me break down my thought process to the point of understanding what was holding me back.
— Kyle D., Seattle

For reservations or information:

contact Gabriella@BringClarity.com

“I’ve worked with a few coaches over the years, and, for me, Gabriella has been the most helpful. She is thoughtful in her approach, she’s an excellent listener. She acknowledges my strengths in a way that feels authentic...
— Julie de Luca